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Locked Down But Not Down

Hey Queensland, it’s never the best of times when we have to go back into lockdown and when the announcement comes same day – the rush to pivot and get things sorted can leave you feeling somewhat unsettled and a little uncertain.

One thing you can be certain of is that if you’re hunting stock for takeaway or wanting to schedule something in to be ready on the ground when the lockdown lifts – we can help.

Deliveries will still be operating as normal, same week turnaround for in stock items so if you’re wanting to keep those fridges stocked up, easy as.

If you’re wanting to schedule to have say kegs/cases/both to have on hand ready to go when the lockdown lifts, we can arrange delivery for that – cut off for this week though is Wed 1pm with the public holiday this Friday.

From New England Brewing Co. we’ve got the ultra delicious Smalltowner Double Hazy IPA hopped with Citra and Vic Secret ready to go in cans this week as well 30L kegs for your taps. Plenty of cans and kegs. Flat rate shipping on cases and any order 3 New England kegs and get free shipping.

Better Beer has 8 Wired, Epic and Duncan’s stock available for same week delivery right now. All in stock including 8 Wired Blackberry Way, Simpatico, Sunshine Daydream, Epic Stone Hammer and Duncan’s Yum Yum Yuzu.

From Little Bang we have a great variety of sours and hazy’s on hand for your shelves including Face Inverter, Schwangermelon, Passion of the Schwang, Mango sNEIPA, Undercover Fashion Police 13 and Naked Objector. All discounts are still active 5+ cartons up to 10 cartons for up to 10% off.

Dont forget Welders Dog Farmhouse Ginger Beer, Pea Blossom Lemonade and Batlow Cider Co. Cider range – always on the cards.

Please jump on to the website A&K Purveyors to see all this and more for your stock hunting needs.

If you need a last-minute order, if we can pick it up and get it to you we will. This will exclude the actual public holiday days. Just get in touch and we’ll do what we can – our details are also below.

Stay safe folks,


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