Epic Edwin Fox 500ml Bottle x12 Case

7.0% East India Pale Ale (Historic UK inspired IPA). Edwin Fox is the second oldest surviving merchant ship in the world. It is currently in dry dock in Picton, at the Edwin Fox Maritime Museum.

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It has a wonderful history connecting New Zealand to the original world of IPA’s in the 1800’s. It’s early years involved shipments of IPA to India and later it brought settlers to New Zealand. From the sale of each bottle we will be making a donation to contribute to the preservation of the Edwin Fox and the Maritime Museum. If you get a chance please visit the museum to check out this special connection to New Zealand’s past and the history of India Pale Ale. One distressing voyage saw the boat run aground on the Coromandel coast in India, and to re-float the ship, they had to throw the barrels of IPA overboard.  

After looking at many old IPA recipes of the time, including the beers from Taylor Walker, we have come up with this interpretation of the style. Using English grown Maris Otter malt, and original English IPA yeast. The hops are a mixture of East Kent Goldings (as the original IPA recipe used) and “Epic” hops, a new English variety grown by hop farmer, Chris Nicholas (another relation of Lukes?), and Cascade hops which were bred from Fuggles. Beautiful.

With these ingredients you get a true East India Pale Ale, with its rich malt character, the earthy herbal character from the EKG’s and Epic hops, and the highlights of the citrus notes of the Cascade hops, which really makes this beer pop.

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