Epic XXL 500ml Bottle x12 Case

14% Triple IPA. Go XXL or Go Home. After the slow start but huge success of Triple Alpha (Triple IPA) and Thirteen (Quadruple Brut IPA) our 13th Birthday beer, we are dipping back into the work of another massive IPA. couple or three sips, you will be ready to go. Enjoy.

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This time we have XXL Triple IPA. Why XXL? If an IPA is a large Pale Ale, then a Double IPA is extra large, which makes a Triple IPA extra extra large.

For this beer we have added some heavy hitting hops using Ekuanot with its extreme oil content which is idea for dry hopping monstrous beers such as this. Comet for its “Wild America” grapefruit dankness. Plus some usual suspects of Mosaic, Centennial and Chinook.

At 14% ABV, using German Pale Ale and Pilsner malt, it is as pale in colour as we could get it. So it is a rich golden colour. Due with the high intensity of malt sugars and alcohol, this beer boarders on barley wine style, but it is still light enough (not too chewy in the malt department) and hoppy enough to be a king hit of an IPA.

If you were to age this beer for a number of years the hops would certainly calm down, and balance nicely with the malt and alcohol sweetness. Then again it was our intention that you would drink and enjoy this beer now.

Aroma has hints of grapefruit citrus, and pine resin, with noticeable malt sweetness and alcohol. Be warned this is a big big beer.

Notice 14% ABV. Notice XXL. Notice EPIC!!! BE CAREFUL. Small sips to start, ease into to it slowly. Get use to the heat of the alcohol, the bite of the bitterness. It is going to take a little to get use to. Once you get to know the beer after a

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