Epic IPA on a Stick 330ml Can x24 Case

6.7% IPA. A deliciously crafted IPA with a perfect silky hop flavour, its the most drinkable hoppy IPA we could. The West Coast IPA Challenge held at the Malthouse in Wellington each year has been responsible for some of the most amazing IPA’s ever created in NZ.

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One thing many people are unaware of is the creation of Deep Fried Haggis On A Stick. The tasty wee snack that has been served alongside the extensive array of hop soaked IPA’s. Did you know the hashtag #Deepfiredhaggisonastick even trended on Twitter the year it was released? Google it.

So having an IPA on a Stick just seemed like such a natural progression from Deep Fried Haggis on a Stick. You have two hands, one for deep fried haggis and one for IPA on a stick. Good times.

After a series of winning Peoples Choice at West Coast IPA Challenge in Wellington and NZ IPA Challenge in Queenstown, we thought it would be fun to focus on making the most drinkable hoppy IPA we could, rather than the most brutal, bitter, hop particle in the back of your throat, IPA (I can hear some of you saying we should have done that, patience grasshopper). We have deliciously crafted a perfect silky hop flavour delivery system which is so balanced you won’t be able to taste where the hops start and the malt finishes. You will only know how good it is, as your senses light up your brain. So perfect you may have to buy another one just to make sure you can understand why it is just so right. Why take such a big risk and do this? Well one of the judging criteria is drinkabliity.

The magic comes from the special blend of Citra and Nelson Sauvin hops. The most popular US and NZ hops coming together to give you absolute perfection in a glass. It is hard to describe the difference in aroma and flavour due to their seamless integration. But there is an
obvious inviting citrusy hoppy aroma, and an ideal marriage of Pale Ale malt and hop resin, and a kiss of bitterness in the finish. Just writing this makes me want to taste the next one.

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India Pale


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CAN 330ml x24


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