Epic Gin Boss 440ml Can x24 Case

6.2% Juniper IPA. Did you know our illustrious leader Luke started a Gin company a couple years ago? It has been a bit of an under the radar project, and it has been named to reflect this.

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Hidden World Gin is a joint venture with Luke, Wendy (Mrs Epic) and Anthony Sexton, second generation distiller of Vaione Gin fame. Hidden World Gin’s first Gin was GINIPA which was a hops and juniper Gin. Still available, and goes very well as a boiler maker or a shot on the side of a pint of Hop Zombie.

This summer, Hidden World leveled up as Wendy started working at Hidden World Gin full time. Sales have grown significantly with huge growth in online sales and now exports to Australia, Japan, China, and Thailand. With the growth and success of Hidden World Gin, thanks to all the time and effort she has put in, the team in the distillery affectionately refer to her as “GIN BOSS”. Therefore when we were thinking of a name for our gin inspired Juniper IPA, it had to be GIN BOSS.

Ingredients – We have used a pale ale base which is light and neutral so that we can showcase the earthy resinous flavours of Juniper berries, the intense pungent freshness of green Cardamom and the wonderful orange citrusy notes of German Mandarina hops.

Tasting notes – The aroma is a bit of a surprise as it isn’t punchy with tropical fruity hops as it hasn’t been dry hopped at all. It’s fresh, bright and zesty. The Madarina hops have a wonderful orangey citrus note, like mandarins, which are complemented with the intensity of Cardamom, and the earthy resinous backbone of the Juniper. Not the IPA you were expecting, but incredibly exciting and different. Highly enjoyable once you have had a few sips and got your brain around how unique it is.

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India Pale


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CAN 440ml

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CAN 440ml x24


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