Epic Lupulingus 50L Keg

9% Lupulingus Imperial IPA.

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Lupulingus is our second most popular export to China, and with some extra volume we thought we would re-release it in 440ml cans for the Lupy fans out there. Originally released for the 7th Annual West Coast IPA Challenge at theMalthouse in Wellington – Lupulingus won 3rd place on the night and went on to Win a Gold in the NZ beer awards.

A formidable double IPA, Lupulingus is made with 40% more US hops than Hop Zombie.

The name Lupulingus came from the word “Lupulin” which is the resinous compound from hops and “Lingus” reffes to the tongue. An intergalactic tangerine colour. The hop intensity is so great that the flavours continue to develop even after you have swallowed. It is full-on ripe summer stonefruit – like baked caramalized peaches, drizzled with apricot syrup – and the hop resin character is fresh and piney but leaves an oily and gum numbing finish as your tongue is smacked by the chronic bitterness that feels like it will last forever. Find a food match that is spicy enough to tackle this monster of a beer.


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