Epic Space Joose 50L Keg

6.5% Hazy IPA. A long time ago, in a brewery far far away.. Some clever space cadet had the far-out concept to brew a beer as deep, dense and impenetrable to the naked eye as space itself Since this 21st century style first blasted off, it has become clear that cloudy pale ales will colonise the beer universe.

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Our latest mission to planet joose features all of the turbidity and fruit aromas you’ve come to expect. So sip deeply and may the joose be with you.

We have gone into outer space for this new 440ml Hazy. Using a combination of Galaxy and Comet hops to bring you Space Joose. Galaxy hops contribute an aroma of passionfruit, peach and clean citrus. Comet which was popular back in the early 80’s has seen a resurgence in recent years for its intense grapefruit, grassy and “wild American” characters. It wouldn’t be an Epic Joose beer if it didn’t have a big dollop of juicy fruit Mosaic-ness that drives many of our Hazy IPA’s. And for that extra shot through the stratosphere we have a sprinkling of Sabro to give it a little coconut boost.

We know that lovers of hazy IPA’s will be donning their space helmets to get hold of this latest launch.

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Hazy, India Pale


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