8 Wired West Island 50L Keg

5.5% West Island Style Pale. Over the past decade, the craft beer scene in The West Island of New Zealand has distinguished itself from its North and South Island cousins, in particularly, cultivating it is very own hops unique to the land.

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The “house style” of West Island hops is one of pungent, musky tropical fruit – a perfect complement to dank/piney American varieties, or as a standalone for finishing additions in IPAs, wheat beers, and sour ales. This is 8 Wired;s take on a Delicious 5.5% hop driven Pale brewed with hops, 100% from the West Island of New Zealand. Drink by the beach, at the cricket or in the backyard by the pool. The perfect warm weather companion.

West Island pale ales are much like the traditional British varieties, which have a malty profile and just enough woody or light floral hops to create an elegant balance. Compared to American pale ales, the West Island equivalents have a maltier flavour and contain less hops, making them less bitter and aromatic. But that doesn't mean these beers are in any way sweet. Like all pale ales, the West Island pale ale is best suited to those who like their amber nectar to pack a savoury punch.

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