Epic Rocket 50L Keg

6.6% IPA, #2 in the IPA Hysteria series, this time pushing our luck with Centennial and Columbus. Big punching pine and a near diesel fuel like resinous, this bad boy has some serious hop grunt.

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The kind you would expect from a “Rocket”. Light this candle. We dare you. LIGHT THIS CANDLE. Epic’s off-beat project is a series of IPAs based around tweaking the Armageddon recipe. The Hysteria series is named for a Def Leppard album, and the first beer was Gods Of War, the title of a track off that album. So watch out for Rocket, Run Riot, Animal, Excitable and Pour Some Sugar On Me.

While the range will explore what can be done when you tweak a multi-award-winning recipe, Nicholas is committed to doing everything he can to get flavour out of hops, malt and yeast rather than play with adjuncts to create flavour. It’s a simplicity he thinks will come back into fashion when punters get tired of various fruits and spices in their beer.

The second release in the IPA Hysteria series follows on from Gods of War, we continue to perform Rocket surgery on the near perfect Armageddon recipe in the search for the ultimate IPA. Curiosity leads us into a world of experimentation this time, smashing the Columbus and Centennial hops into a space only the Large Hadron Collider could have the energy to make possible. We may have pushed our luck with these two hops. The centennial gives a big punching piney note and the Columbus gives a resinous nearly diesel fuel like character for some. It has some serious hop grunt you would expect from a “Rocket”

ABV 6.6%

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