Small Gods The Tun 30L Keg

10% Imperial Stout. Huge and viscous, this dark beer features a robust base of 1000kg of New Zealand malts.

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Deep in a vault in France beneath the International Bureau of Weights and Measures, protected by thick earth, steel and multiple layers of glass, sits The Kilogram. Also known as Le Grand K, this platinum alloy cylinder is guarded by 3 keys kept in separate locations around the world. The integrity of The Kilogram is so vital to global trade and industry that it must be kept away from dust, air, and even the sun’s radiation to ensure that it remains unsullied. Only once every 40 years is this precious artifact removed from its housing for comparison to duplicates housed in separate locations to ensure that the standard weight of 1000g which it represents remains uniform and constant.

The Tun is an Imperial Stout brewed for the 2023 New Zealand Stout Challenge. This huge and viscous dark beer features a robust base of 1000kg of New Zealand malts bringing an array of complex dark malt characters. As this decadent and indulgent beer warms in your glass it reveals elegant and integrated flavours of roast, dark chocolate, dark fruit, burnt toffee, caramel,toasted rye bread, brown sugar and porridge. This is reinforced by a smooth and warming boozy finish and top notes of bramble and blackberry jam from a judicious addition of British hops.

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Weight 32 kg