Little Bang Colorado Weed Money 50L Keg

4.9% Oat Cream Pale Ale. A beautiful, awesome beer we did with Mr. Banks.

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Imagine milking an oat, man. Like how would that even work, y’know? Like… You would have to be like, sooooo small to milk an oat. Or the oat could be like… totally huge. But how would we even know? Y’know? If everything like, doubled in size, like overnight, how could we even tell, right? Your oats could be freakin massive man, you wouldn’t even know it, cos you’d be freakin massive too… Dude I am so hungry. And thirsty. I want like, something kinda sweet. But… also like, like a beer, y’know? Like a beautiful, awesome beer, man. Let’s go to the 7/11. We should get some oats. The biggest oats they’ve got. The biggest oats in the world!

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Weight 62 kg