Little Bang Tangent #4 20L Keg

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7.4% Experimental Barrel Aged Beer.

Hey freaks! We did the crazy thing again! I’ve never tasted a beer like this before and I think I’m in love. It seems to arrive at some traditional wild sour places via alternate means, and has a couple other notes coming completely out of left field too.

AND we’ve actually got enough to do (a little bit of) wholesale this time! TANGENT#4 is a completely unique barrel blend of the following:
– Merlot-skins co-ferment Saison, aged for 2 YEARS on French oak.
– Wild fermented cherries on American oak (that stuff is crazy)
– AND spiced up with a zippy citrus Berliner Weisse (this lifted all the insane wild chaos into a much friendlier realm, and helps bring the berry flavours up nicely)

As usual with the Tangents, this is a one-time-only release, and there’s not much of it. Please let us know if you’d like some asap, and we’ll try to make sure everyone who wants it gets some.

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Weight 32 kg

Limited Release


Speciality Beer


Can, Package

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CAN 375ml

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x24 Case


Litte Bang Brewing Company


Little Bang Brewing Company

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