Little Bang Zingibeer! Can 375ml x24 Case

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4.4% Alcoholic Ginger Beer.

The humble ginger root (Zingiber officinale) has gone berserk on the streets of sleepy Australian towns, causing refreshingly zesty havoc in its insatiable quest for more spice! Onlookers report chaos, destruction, and an invigorating fresh ginger bite. To the face! Authorities warn potential victims of this delicious monster to show caution when reaching for yet another can, as this zingy alcoholic ginger beast may be noisy, but it can certainly creep up on you.

Vegan Friendly.

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Weight 10 kg

Limited Release


Ginger Beer


Can, Package

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CAN 375ml

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x24 Case


Litte Bang Brewing Company


Little Bang Brewing Company

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