New England Wolf & Fox 375ml Can x24 Case

5.2% Pale Ale where two Slovenian Hops come together – Styrian Wolf and Styrian Fox! A howling scream.

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For this Pale Ale, two Slovenian Hops come together – Styrian Wolf and Styrian Fox! The aroma is fruity, herbal and floral before a clean body of fruits from blackberry to mango. A howling scream.

We were really excited to finally get to use Slovenian Hops. Slovenia is such a beautiful country and has a small but strong craft beer scene. The beer pours a glowing golden straw colour with medium high carbonation and a brilliant fluffy head thanks to a natural secondary fermentation in the can. The aroma is full of lemon and orange candy and a touch of passionfruit and mango. The body is dominated by dry white wine, herbs and an earthy grassy bitterness. The finish is dry with low levels of maltiness.

These two Slovenian hops have great classic European hop notes with an added fruity punch.

Style: International Style Pale Ale
ABV: 5.2%
IBU: 30
Hops: Styrian Fox and Styrian Wolf
Malt: Coopers Ale (90%), Caramalt (2%) and malted wheat (8%)

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Weight 12 kg

Limited Release


India Pale


Can, Package

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CAN 375ml

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New England Brewing Co.


New England Brewing Co.