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BTL 330ml x24 8 Wired + Pinta Baltyk-Tasman

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9% Baltic Porter brewed in collaboration with Polish Brewers Pinta. This Baltic Porter was brewed in New Zealand at 8 Wired with Polish brewers Browar Pinta in October 2017. Using Polish hops we combined the Baltic Sea with the Tasman Sea: 22 ° Plato, New Zealand water, Polish hops: Marynka, Lubelski, Sybilla, yeast W 34/70. Interestingly – it was only the second lager registered by 8 Wired in their 9-year history. The first was the German Pilsner, brewed … 10 days beforehand in order to multiply the yeast for the Baltic-Tasman.

This is already the fourth in the series – Polish-foreign, cooperative Porter Baltic. The first was Baltic-Pacific, brewed in Japan with Baird Brewing Co. Another – Polish-Italian Baltic-Adriatico brewed by PINTA in collaboration with Amarcord. In July this year, the Polish Brazilian Baltic-Atlantico was brewed in the hospitable thresholds of the DUM brewery in Curitiba.

New Zealand-Polish Baltic-Tasman should appear in Poland and the World in the spring of 2018.

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BTL 330ml

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BTL 330ml x24


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