8 Wired Wild Feijoa 2019 500ml Bottle x12 Case

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6% 2019 Vintage Sour ale brewed with organic feijoas and aged in wine barrels.

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“We start out by brewing a pretty simple pale beer. We then ferment and age it in barrels with various bugs for about a year then we add the feijoas. The feijoas are simply cut in half (cutting 800 kg of fruit is a great team building experience!), then pushed through the bunghole of the barrel, skin and all. Depending on how the ferment goes, we plan on leaving the fruit in the barrel for about a year, then we draw the beer of the fruit, blend the barrels and bottle it. This beer is unfiltered and bottle conditioned so some sediment will remain” – Soren Erikson Owner & Head Brewer 8 Wired