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KEG 30L x2 Bridge Road Mayday Hills Black & Blue Duo

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6.5% Sour Brett Ale fermented with Blueberries. The third release in the Mayday Hills range: Black and Blue. The Black exhibits a little more acidity and therefore a slightly tarter finish, whilst the blue produces a distinct bubblegum like aroma. Tasting Notes:
The base for this beer is a simple 6.5% ale fermented in our Oak Foeder with our strain of Brettanomyces which has now taken residence within the wooden vessel. The yeast produces lush tropical fruit esters and and a full mouth feel. As the beer reached the end of it’s primary ferment it was pitched on to 100kg of locally sourced berries.

By allowing the beers enough time to break down and the berries they have each taken on the characters of the fruit without it overpowering. Enjoy the differences in the separate beers as well as blending the two to add further complexity to the ale.

Brewers Notes:
The berries were sourced the Ovens Valley just over the back of Mayday Hills. Two separate beers were created with the same base recipe and then aged on 100kg of each berry. The berries have provided a touch of color in both beers and a drop in pH. Both beers exhibit a refreshing tart character and flavours indicative of either Blue or Blackberries.

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Weight 120 kg



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30L x2


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