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KEG 50L Bridge Road Bar Series #3 Green Machine

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A Good Ole 4.7% Pale Ale brewed with Lemongrass, Lime Peel and Lots of Galaxy Hops. Originally born in a randalizer at Melbourne's Cherry Tree Hotel, the result was grouse! delicious, fragrant & hoppy. Brewers Notes:
The idea for this beer was borne of our randalizer. During GBW 2016 we added lemongrass, lime peel, lots of galaxy hops and good old Beechworth Pale to the randy. The result was delicious, fragrant, hoppy, grouse. We tapped it at 7.30pm, by 11.30pm and 4 kegs later, all gone! So when Bridge Road invited us into the Bar series it was a no-brainer.

Tasting Notes:
A malt bill based around our own Beechworth Pale Ale, this beer saw whirlpool and dry hop additions of Galaxy and Ella. Late in the boil came the time to throw in the lemongrass and lime. At first the aromas overpowered the entire brewery but after fermentation they play well as a part of a unique and moreish Pale Ale. Tropical fruit and confectionery dominate the nose and it’s not until the finish that the earthy, spicy and citrus notes of the specialty ingredients come through.

HOPS: Galaxy, Ella
MALT: Gladfield Ale, Carapils Melanoiden, Medium Crystal
OTHER: Lemongrass and Lime

ABV: 4.7% OG: 1.044
IBUs: 34 FG:1.008

Not filtered or

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