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BTL 330ml x24 Bridge Road Bling De Wilde

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4 Wine-Fermented Bling IPAs. Bridge Road Brewers enjoys a great relationship with many groups in the Beechworth community, and the local vignerons are one of our favourites. The three Bling de Wilde beers have been fermented using wild/spontaneous yeast cultures from local Chardonnay producers, A.Rodda, Giaconda and Sorrenberg. These yeasts were harvested from each winery during the 2017 vintage and pitched into oak barrels with un-fermented wort from our Bling IPA. Each beer was then fermented and aged for a year on yeast lees before being transferred to tank and dry hopped using the Bling IPA dry hop regime.

The four pack consists of one of each of the three Bling de Wilde and our original Bling IPA. Please enjoy these side by side to find the differences that each yeast combination and barrel brings.

We have packaged the beers into cartons of 24 x 330ml bottles, each carton contains 6 x mixed 4 packs. Each 4 pack has 1 x Btl Bling, 1 x Btl Bling De Wilde Sorrenberg, 1 x Btl Bling De Wilde Giaconda and 1 x Btl Bling De Wilde A. Rodda

Extremely limited beer.

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BTL 330ml

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BTL 330ml x24


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