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KEG 50L Bridge Road Bread Beer

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5% Hefeweizen. This German-style Hefe Weizen is made with surplus bread from the Beechworth Bakery that would otherwise go to landfill. Cloudy, quirky, smooth and refreshing, this German styled wheat beer is one for all. Bridge Road Brewers can trace its inspiration for this beer back to Europe, through its brewer, Ben Kraus, who cut his teeth brewing in Innsbruck, Austria. Bridge Road Brewers have re-created a German style hefe-weizen that conjures memories of German bier halls, giant pretzels and busty bavarian girls in traditional dresses…. Well it does for the guys at Bridge Road, they’ve sourced the best ingredients from Germany to give you a great wheat beer here in oz. As for the giant pretzels? Well you’ll have to come to the brewery. Busty Bavarian girls? Sorry, can’t help you there. This non bitter beer style exhibits banana aromatics and clove like flavours, owing to a yeast sourced from Germany’s oldest brewery.

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