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KEG 30L Bridge Road Mayday Hills Raspberry

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6.3% Brett Raspberry IPA. This beer is an IPA that has been fermented with a huge amount of freshly picked local raspberries. As with all of the Mayday Hills range the beer has been fermented with only Brettanomyces in our oak Foeder. Once close to dry it was moved to a stainless fermenter where the fresh raspberries were added and secondary fermentation took place.

Rather than make a simple fruit driven beer we decided to use an IPA recipe for this beer as our own local take on the tropical fruit IPA craze. The tartness provided by the fruits acidity works perfectly with the typical Brett characters, and the big hop notes work in harmony with the raspberry aroma and flavour.

The Raspberries were sourced from a domestic crop grown by a friend of the breweries, and picked by a small team of brewery employees one evening after work.

Tasting Notes:

Having added a whopping 150kg of fresh, locally sourced raspberries the beer pours a stunning rosey orange colour. Mayday Hills Raspberry is a 100% Brettanomyces ale fermented in our Amercan Oak Foeder. Brewed with a relatively light IPA malt base it really lets the raspberries and hops shine through with just a hint of Brett funk.

The aroma is dominated by strong raspberry notes, nectarine and fruit wine. A smooth bitterness is followed by the unmistakable ripe raspberry flavour and mild acidity, cleansing the palate and leaving you wanting more.

Mayday Hills is a farmhouse beer project from Bridge Road Brewers. These beers are fermented in traditional wooden foeder tanks and reflect our local township and surrounding region, Mayday Hills.

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