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KEG 50L Bridge Road + Newstead DunkelBerry

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5.7% Blackberry Dunkelweizen. Bridge Road Brewers teamed up with Newstead in Beechworth on their roadtrip around Victoria. The timing of their trip was well timed with the harvest of the local blackberry crop, so it was decided to create a beer with them. Both breweries looked at a number of factors in coming up with a beer that utilised them, blackberries, in a new way.

With Neipas and kettle sours being done to death both these styles were off the table. Given the release timing hitting the cooler months a dark beer seemed to make sense. But one where the roast characters didn’t take over from the influence of the blackberry.

We settled on a Dunkel Weizen, a soft, textural, but malty beer with low hop and aromatic ester aroma.

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