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KEG 50L Bridge Road SMASH

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4.8% Single Malt, Single Hop Session Ale. The SMASH ( Single Malt, Single Hop) has been designed and brewed to showcase and evaluate a particular hop variety. The hops used are not yet in commercial production and this beer will be used to help determine how the hop can best be utilised. The base style is light and uses only one malt variety, providing the perfect platform to let the hops shine. Hops were added at various points throughout the brewing proces and during fermentation giving complexity to both aroma and flavour.


The beer pours a beautiful light, golden yellow with a vibrant white head.
The aroma is well rounded and that of sweet pineapple, rockmelon and peach.

On the palate the body is full with minimal malt flavour. This allows the hops to shine through and lets you really appreciate this unique hop variety. Stone fruit and melon sit up front with just a hint of citrus creeping in at the end.

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