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KEG 30L Bridge Road Saturday

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A hoppy, herbal 7% farmhouse ale with great texture and notes of Lemon Myrtle, bush pepper and citrus gum notes. Brewed in collaboration with Soren from 8 Wired for breakfast one Saturday (Go Figure). Saturday is a 100% Brett pale ale made with fresh local botanicals. Saturday is the 5th release in the Mayday Hills range, a beer project from Bridge Road that showcases the crazy idea that 100% Brett beers can be full of flavour yet free from funk. It is also the name of the local lunatic asylum which is somewhat fitting.

Saturday was brewed on the Saturday of our annual brewers breakfast and was brewed in collaboration with 8 Wired. Soren from 8 Wired attended the breakfast on this day and brewed this beer with Steve our Head brewer and Ben. This beer is a 100% Brettanomyces pale ale made with fresh local botanicals. Lemon Myrtle and Bush Pepper. Botanicals were provided by Hamish of Reed and Co distilling in Bright who also came along for brew day.


Saturday, a hoppy, herbal farmhouse ale, has the great texture we’ve come to expect from the Brett C we use on our mayday range. Subtle hop flavours are complemented by the fruity, and funky aromas created by the Brett, and then overridden by the impact of the Lemon Myrtle, bush pepper and citrus gum notes. The beer finishes with a combination of hop bitterness and eucalypt character.

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