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KEG 50L Bridge Road Steamy Fingers

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4.9% Steam Ale brewed with Finger Limes. Part of the 2017 Bar Series. In creating this beer quite a few ideas we floated all with the same theme, using fingers limes from the granite belt in Queensland. First we settled on a saison only to realise we didn’t have a pitch-able Saison yeast culture and couldn’t arrange one in time for our Brewsvegas launch of the bars series.
We settled on a steam ale, with finger limes leading the charge rather than hops on the flavour profile. We were impressed with the intense flavour you get from one tiny Finger Lime sac and that it’s native to Australia. I also love te simplicity of a good steam ale allowing the lime characters to have a profile.

Tasting Notes:
A simple Steam Ale recipe allowing the kettle and fermenter addition of finger limes to carry through.
Lager characters balance with subtle lime zest on the nose and the beer finshes dry and clean as the acidity of the limes cuts through to clense the palate.

Malt: Maris Otter, Barret Burston Wheat
Hops: Hersbruck
OG: 1.044
IBUs: 18

Not filtered or pasteurised.

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