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KEG 50L Bridge Road These Pretzels are Making Me Thirsty

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Our take on this traditional German beer style that has re-gained popularity recently in the craft beer world. A little clean wheat ale, traditionally salty from the saline water natural to Leipzig, we have used our house baked pretzels to give this refreshing, cleansing ale it's signature salted finish. THE HISTORY OF THE PRETZEL (AND BRIDGE ROAD)

In 2000, at 21 budding young winemaker Ben Kraus headed to Europe to learn more about the world and the art of making wine. Somewhere along the way, he got distracted on the ski slopes of Austria, met his partner Maria and ended up working at Tiroler Bier, a traditional microbrewery in Innsbruck, and returned (with Maria) to Australia a brewer.

Ben trained initially as a viticulturist and winemaker but had his head turned in the direction of craft beer during a working stint in the Margaret River wine region. Later he studied brewing at the University of Ballarat and acquired a pre-loved microbrewery, that had operated out of a Coonawarra winery.

In 2004/05 Ben and Maria renovated Bens parents shed to house a 10Hl brewery, bar and tasting room, and also a bottling line.

Maria hails from the Oetztal Valley, which is home to Austria’s biggest mountains and glacial region, if you need a visual reference, just think sound of music. Maria joined Ben (both 24 years old) in their tireless effort in establishing a brewery with a whooping 15k of starting capital. Aside from being assistant brewer and taking care of finances Maria established the brewery kitchen, firstly with Pretzels using an Austrian friends recipe.

Fast forward 12 years to the present, Maria’s pretzels have become a Bridge Road staple. They can still be enjoyed at the brewery available fresh everyday. It was only a matter of time until Maria’s pretzels would one day make it into a beer.

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