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KEG 50L Bridge Road Swagger Lee

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5.7% ESB using American Hops. We decided early in the piece the best idea for a beer would be a style from the age that our pub was established 1864. We also get these beautiful sunsets over the mountains here which are amazing crimson colour. Add some new world hops from here and North America and you have an Extra Special Bitter. As for the name we thought of the song Stagger Lee by Nick Cave who is from the North East of Victoria and the music festival we sponsor here Wandiligong called the Swagger Music Festival. So we changed Stagger to Swagger and that's how we got the name Swagger Lee ESB. We hope everyone enjoys this as much we enjoyed making it. Cheers – The team from the Wandi Pub.

Tasting Notes:
A collaboration beer brewed with the lovely ladies and gents from the Wandiligong Pub, we decided to make a not so true to style ESB to match the not so true to style nature of the country pub. Pouring a rich syrupy brown colour, the aroma first presents to you strong notes of toffee and fruit compote. This is followed by the not so traditional part of this beer being American hops: floral, citrus and pine combine with the malt and toffee beautifully. On the palate it is full bodied, rich, fruity and well balanced.

HOPS: Northern Brewer, Simcoe, Amarillo, citra and cascade
MALT: Maris Otter, Gladfield Ale, Carared, Pale Crystal, Med Crystal, Melanoidin,
Choc Wheat and Special B
ABV: 5.7% OG: 1.0557
IBUs: 19 FG: 1.0122

Not filtered or pasteurised.

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