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KEG 50L Bridge Road Wild Red Wyeast 1056

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8.1% Wild Red Ale fermented in barrel using yeast strain “Wyeast 1056”. The only keg release in Bridge Road's Wild Red series, its a symphony of booze, mouthing filling toffee and a dry oaky tang. 1 of 4 beers made as part of the Wild Red series, we created a big malty red ale as a base for this beer series. The wort stream was separated into 12 oak barrels previously used in the brewery for sour beers for primary fermentation using 4 different yeast strains or blends.

Wyeast 1056
(American Ale)
8.1 % ABV
A red ale fermented in barrel, showing clean flavours and mouth filling toffee and red malt flavours. This yeast bridge road brewers most commonly used yeast strain. The barrel characters come through at the finish with an acidic and driest finish.

Wyeast 1056 is the only keg release in Bridge Road’s Wild Red series.

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