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BTL 330ml x24 Bridge Road Magical Easter Unicorn

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6% Chocolate Egg Ale. The phenomenological entity that brought you the Magical Christmas Unicorn provides you with yet another truly magnificent creation, This Chocolate Egg(s) Ale is smooth, chocolatey and just plain delicious. The Magical Easter Unicorn. With the discovery of the 4th magical pillar of our universe, Chocolate Eggs, it is once again beer that can harness the power in this important lunar cycle.

How we make it:
There is no doctrine in the creation of this Ale, rather, it is an open ever-renewed brewing experience. This beer contains lactose.

Best Served in a decapitated chocolate rabbit.

Additional information

Weight 14 kg




Unit Size

BTL 330ml

Purchase Size

BTL 330ml x24


Bridge Road Brewers