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BTL 330ml x24 Bridge Road Mayday Hills Lime And Cucumber

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4.1% Brettanomyces Lime Cucumber Gose. This light bodied farmhouse ale showcases the aroma and flavour of fresh cucumber and lime. Has there ever been a more refreshing flavour combination? Perfect for this Spring release this beer will make you want to skip out on work early to sit in the sun and appreciate this truly refreshing beer. Lime zest and fresh cucumber aromas are front and centre as you approach the glass. This is then beautifully balanced with the high mineral content and tartness on the back of the palate.

How we make:
The base beer is made like a traditional German Gose using a large portion of wheat malt and brewing water with a high mineral content.
Fresh locally sourced limes and cucumbers were added during primary fermentation, creating a refreshing and zesty drink.

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Weight 14 kg




Unit Size

BTL 330ml

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BTL 330ml x24


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