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BTL 330ml x24 Bridge Road Vic Secret IPA

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6% Single Hop IPA using Australian hop variety, Vic Secret. IPAs are a big deal. Australian Hops are a big deal. Celebrate both with this limited release IPA brewed 100% exclusively with Australian hop variety, Vic Secret. In 2011, Bridge Road Brewers brewed the first ever commercial beer using Vic Secret, when it was still part of an R&D program, and before it even had a name. We are thrilled that this hop is now available commercially. This hop gives beer a strong ripe fruit aroma and a solid resinous pine like finish.

Enjoy the taste of Hop monogamy and patriotism just in time for International IPA day. A Bridge Road Brewers exclusive release as part of a 4 IPA series

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Weight 12 kg




Unit Size

BTL 330ml

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BTL 330ml x24


Bridge Road Brewers