8 Wired Cosmic Chaos 500ml Bottle x12 Case

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7.5% Sour Black IPA. 2017 GABS beer brewed in the tradition of Hippy Berliner and Palate Trip. Kettle soured with probiotics for a tart, sour twist on a Cascadian dark ale.

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Like the universe itself, this brew is dark and tranquil in appearance, but once you delve in, its chaotic intensity really hits. An experimentation in how far 8 Wired can push it, boldly going where few have gone before. It’s an adventure across the palate; sour, hoppy and malty, bringing balance to The Force.

“Our GABS beer this year is called Cosmic Chaos which is a dark sour IPA. Dry. Tart. We’re trying to get a real hoppy aroma. In terms of malt and hops its an IPA, but we just sour it with yoghurt, lactobacillus cultures. And then we’ll dry hop it with Amarillo, Galaxy aaannnddd… I should probably add something in there shouldn’t I? You’re gonna edit that right?”

-Russell, Lead Brewer 8 Wired