8 Wired Halfway to Whangarei 500ml Bottle x12 Case

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5.5% Grisette, the cleaner coal miners Saison. Made with Modern Times’ Brett strain & an obligatory dosage of NZ hops, its symphony of balance. “New Zealand’s shores were graced with the brilliance of Matt Walsh, Head Brewer of Modern Times.

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After scoping out the hop harvest in Nelson, doing a collaboration with Beer Baroness in Christchurch (anyone else get to try Rye-ot Grrrl…so good!), he made his way up to Auckland. There he teamed up with the crew at 8 Wired for another collaboration.

They came up with Halfway to Whangarei, a Grissette that was given a primary fermentation with 8 Wired’s house Saison strain, and a secondary fermentation with Modern Times’ house Brettanomyces strain. An obligatory dosage of NZ hops rounds out this tart, funky, refreshing, complex and balanced beer.

Here’s a quote from an unnamed member of the office: It’s just… a symphony of balance!”-Cult Beer Store