Epic Epicly Fiercely Intolerant 500ml Bottle x12 Case

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12% Imperial Stout brew on the Scottish Ale yeast and Lactose. In collab with Fierce Beer, it’s deceivingly easy.

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This year we are going to be exhibiting at Beervana, which will come as a surprise to many people after a post Luke did a couple of years ago about not attending. Epic wasn’t attending Beervana because people loved our beer and would say hi to us at Beervana, but knew that they could try the new beer release in a bottle from the local supermarket come Monday. Beervana punters want to try the new beers, and new breweries, as do we. So we are bringing something big, new and exciting to Beervana this year..

So why are we back at Beervana? We were offered a unique opportunity to do a collaboration brew with one of the three amazing breweries that were coming to Beervana from the UK. When we saw the list we knew with a name like Fierce Beer, this was the brewery we needed to collaborate with. It was obvious that together we could come up with a beer that would be awe-inspiring. A one off beer that will give you a reason to attend Beervana.

After a torrid of emails we settled on a recipe that was partly inspired by one of their best selling beers, an Imperial Stout. It’s winter, It’s Wellington and It’s Beervana. Dress warm.

We used the Scottish Ale yeast to give that “made in Scotland” feel. There has also been some lactose added to give it an extra creamy sweetness to the Stout. We were reminded that we needed to put a warning on the label for people that are lactose intolerant, so we put it on the front label.

The beer is a big delicious smooth round sweet and roasty Imperial Stout with a deceivingly hidden 12% abv. You should probably take your time with this one, but it is just a little too easy to drink.

We present Epicly Fiercely Intolerant.