Epic GINIPA 500ml Bottle x12 Case

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7.6% GINIPA (Juniper India Pale Ale). This beer is an IPA inspired by Gin, designed to bring the flavours of a good gin into a beer without adding any actual gin. Why make a GINIPA? Did you know that Luke is involved in a joint venture making GIN under the Hidden World Gin brand. Hidden World Gin’s first release was a Hoppy Gin, called GINIPA (no confusion there)

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GINIPA is a 7.6% abv very pale and light IPA, using a large proportion of pilsner malt to keep colour and body down. Amazing large white creamy head. Big aroma and flavour from the Juniper, Cardamom and Cinchona bark we put into the brew. Initially, a little sweet but the cinchona bark bitterness slowly builds and balances the sweetness. Surprisingly different for Epic as it has no dry hops.

It is more Gin than IPA. Like the Hidden World Gin version of GINIPA is more IPA than Gin. These two together are a fun marriage of flavours. The perfect binary drink.

Barcodes: Bottle – 9421900571987 Case 19421900571984