Epic Heavy Hop 500ml Bottle x12 Case

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6.3% Scottish IPA. What makes it Scottish? – we have used a special Scottish Ale yeast which is believed to have come from the historic McEwan’s Brewery in Fountainbridge, Edinburgh.

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The reason we used this was to trial the yeast in an Epic IPA, and to also grow up enough yeast for our 13th Anniversary beer. The yeast has a high alcohol tolerance which we needed. The yeast produces a neutral and clean malt base, which is ideal for show casing the hops. We have had some fun with some of the most recent releases of US hops, including Loral, Mosaic and Ekuanot (previously Equinox) a great beer to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Malthouse.

The name Heavy Hop is a play on the Scottish beer style of Wee Heavy. The beer isn’t excessively heavy for an Epic beer but compared to a Scottish Wee Heavy, it definitely is.

A bit of hat tip to the heart of, courageous leader and our good friend Colin Mallon.

12 x 500ml bottles per case and 50L Kegs Bottle: 9421905018067 12 x 500ml Case: 19421905018064