Epic Larger 500ml Bottle x12 Case

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8.5% Imperial Lager. BECAUSE IT IS. Tigers. Balls of Twine. Pyramids. Waimea Bay waves. Ohakune Carrots. Some things are meant to be big. Flavours. Aromas. Beer.

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The list is large but we thing it should be bigger. There is a time and place for subtlety, for a delicate touch. This is not one of them. Turning the amplifier up to eleven? Yeah, that’s it. (Caution!! Very easy to drink!!)
IBU: 80

Made with German Pilsner malt, US grown hop varieties with German parentage of noble heritage. Extra pale in colour, floral/herbal aroma, herbal hops and malt sweetness dominate the flavour, with a cleansing snapping bitter finish.