Epic Lil Hop 500ml Bottle x12 Case

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4.4% Little IPA, hopped with Debittered Leaf. Everyone loved Magic Dust which has sold out twice, in record time. Magic Dust uses the hop product called LupuliN2 Powder. In the process of freezing the hop flower with liquid nitrogen there is the separation of the lupulin from the petals of the hop flower. The petal part is now available as a new hop product – Debittered Leaf.

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Debittered Leaf is the petal part of the hop flower and this beer is the first in New Zealand to use this product. The benefit of using this new hop product is that you can add the flavour and aroma without worrying about adding additional bitterness. This is ideal for making lower alcohol beers which you want to have a noticeable level of hops in the flavour and aroma.

In LilHop we have used the Citra Noble Hop debittered leaf to dry hop so we could get the aroma and flavour but not any additional bitterness.

LilHop is impressively pale in colour, with a wonderful citrus and pineapple aroma and flavour.  A lightness of body and outrageously quenching. Hello summertime.