Epic Magic Dust 500ml Bottle x12 Case

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6.9% Lupulin Dust IPA. Magic Dust is built on the original “Mosaic – One Trick Pony” beer. The key difference between this beer and the original is that we have sprinkled in some Magic Dust… Lupulin powder.

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TRUST IN THE DUST. Lupulin is the wonderful little yellow oil pods you see inside a hop cone that contain all of the flavor, aromatics (oils) and even bittering potential (alpha and beta acids). Lupulin Powder removes the strig (stem) and any other plant material that may find its way into the beer, leaving behind maximum lupulin goodness.

Magic dust is a rich copper colour with a wonderful hoppy aroma of passionfruit and citrus, the lupulin powder delivers a sticky guava flavour with medium bitterness, and a hoppy aftertaste.

-Beer Stats-
IBU: 45
Hops: Mosaic (LupuLN2™)
Malt: Pale Ale