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BTL 750ml x6 Bridge Road B2 Mach 9.0

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Celebration Ale. Bridge Road Brewers reached its 14th year of Brewing in 2019. We’ve continued the tradition of brewing a new incarnation of the B2, which has now reached Mach 9.0. The regonisable combiantion of complex dark malts, fruity Belgian yeast characters and big punchy hops remain, however we have turned the dials up this year with the introduction of vanilla bean and lactose. How we make it:
Drawing on the 14 years of experience and experimentation, we’ve included an extra dimension to the Mach 9.0, using small amounts of vanilla and lactose to compliment the huge richness of the B2

Head Brewers Notes:

This year’s B2 is once again bigger and bolder than ever before. We attempted to break the mash tun with the biggest malt bill that has ever gone in to a brew.

This years iteration has also been beefed up and smoothed out with the addition of lactose and vanilla. The big, smooth malt profile and the use of new world hops provide the base for this 12% Belgian Dark Ale. Fruity yeast-derived esters and vanilla balance beautifully with the tropical fruit and resinous hop aromas. The mid-palate is big, chocolatey and smooth with hints of candied fruit. The alcohol warms the palate to finish with a pronounced bitterness. The beer will open up more as it warms in the glass and whilst bitterness and some other hop components will fade over time, this beer is excellent for cellaring.

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BTL 750ml

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BTL 750ml x6


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