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CAN 330ml x24 Epic One Trick Pony Sabro

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7.6% Sabro IPA. While at hop harvest last year Luke got to try a number of beers with the latest trial hops. One that particularly took his attention was SABRO. Which had recently been named and released commercially. He was able to secure enough to brew one batch of of IPA with this brand new hop. As always the best way to test these new hops is to put it in our One Trick Pony series where we have the single hop as the hero flavour contributor to the beer. What makes this hop special is it is a unique cross pollination with a neomexicanus hop, which is quite different variety of hop. The resulting new hop Sabro (previously known as HBC 438) is a really complex character. You get your usual fruity citrusy notes but what makes this hop different is the coconut, mint, cedar and herbal notes that come through

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CAN 330ml

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CAN 330ml x24


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