Epic Saturn V 330ml Can x24 Case

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5.5% APA. A special celebration release for Moon Bar, Newtons 5th Birthday, and the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing. An APA release that commemorates and celebrates.

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50 years since the first moon landing & 5 years since our friends at Moon Bar opened their doors. Moon Bar in Newtown, Wellington has become a local institution for live music, great beer and incredible pizzas.

We wanted to make something a bit special and a bit different from what we have been pumping out the last 5 years: big full-bodied, bitter IPA’s. How about something that you could drink a few with a pizza? Lighten it up a bit. With a little inspiration from Brut IPA’s, we have essentially made a Brut Pale Ale. Lower in alcohol than your typical APA, ultralight body, super dry finish, less filling. But leaving just the hop intensity to coat your tongue with deliciousness. All the hops. It’s a real quaffer.