New England + Gresham Gose 375ml Can x24 Case

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4% Quandong, Corn Gose with Grapefruit. This is what happens when the Gresham in Brisbane’s CBD (two time Australian bar of the year) got the keys to a small town brewery.


“We love Bourbon, we use quandong in sweet as cocktails, refreshing tartness”. Damn… Reid our Head Brewer suggests, “How about a Quandong, Grapefruit Corn Gose?” So here it is – zesty grapefruit aroma, a light and tarty body with a tangy finish. Cheers to collabs!

-Brewing Technique-

Australian Grapefruit was juiced in house and added to the fermenter with the Quandong. The grapefruit added fresh zest and natural tartness to the beer while the Quandong has added a delicate layer of earthy peach. The corn was added to the mash and has aided the light body.


Beer style: GOSE


4% ABV

9 EBC (white/pale colour)

Flavour keywords: Grapefruit, tart, refreshing

Ingredients: malt, hops, corn, grapefruit, quandong (native peach), yeast, salt & water.