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CAN 440ml x24 Epic Party Shirt

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6.8% Party Shirt IPA. Its holiday time, its Sunny, its warm, its party shirt time. Being a summer beer they used a blend of Pilsner and Pale Ale malts to keep the beer colour on the light side yet Juicy like a Hazy IPA just without the Hazy. We have created a winner. Thinking sunshine, Amarillo’s peachy ripe summer stonefruit characters immediately jumped to mind, especially after how good it is tasting in Hopshine right now.

Mosaic is just a mosaic of fruity hoppy goodness, which makes us happy. And finally a new trial hop HBC (Hop Breeding Company) 685 which has aroma descriptors of fruity, tropical, stonefruit, citrus, floral & pine.

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Weight 12 kg


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CAN 440ml

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CAN 440ml x24



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