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BTL 330ml x24 Cavalier Pale Ale

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5% Pale Ale. The Cavalier Pale Ale is inspired by hop driven pale ales with oodles of flavour and aroma but can be knocked back easily, which is exactly what it delivers. Citrus, melon and stone fruit characteristics boldly shine through from the five different hops we throw in to this beautifully rounded beer. A clean malt profile perfectly balances the flavours, resulting in a fresh hop driven pale ale.

Cavalier Pale Ale Stats
Malts: Lager light, Light Crystal, Munich
Hops: Cascade, Amarillo, Idaho 7, Citra, Mosiac
IBU: 30
ABV: 5.0%

Additional information

Weight 12 kg




Unit Size

BTL 330ml

Purchase Size

BTL 330ml x24


Cavalier Brewing