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KEG 50L Bridge Road + Bentspoke Chain Breaker

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4.5% Cloudy Hoppy Lager. Chain Breaker, a limited release collaboration beer between Bentspoke and the legends over at Bridge Road Brewers. An intensely grapefruit hop aroma will leave this cloudy lager perfect for sharing a laugh after a day in the saddle. Style: cloudy hoppy lager
Hops: Galaxy / Ekuanot
IBU: 45
ABV 4.5%
Ride ability: High
Enjoyment :100%

When asked about the joint venture, Richard Watkins, Bentspoke Head Brewer said,
“It’s always a special moment when the opportunity comes around to brew a beer with a mate. Ben and I have been sharing beers for over 10 years so joining up to have some fun and brew for a beer and bike festival was the perfect time. This hazy hop forward lager is a collaboration of beer ideas and shared brewing values.”

Head Brewer and Founder of Bridge Road Brewers Ben Kraus said, “It’s a real honour to be able to finally brew a beer together with Rich. I’ve been able to enjoy his beers and company since as long as I have been brewing, initially through visiting the Wig and Pen where he has the brewer, to seeing his innovative brewpub in the centre of Canberra, and now BentSpokes production brewery and cannery. I think an obvious choice of beer might have been to brew a Saison, or something sour, but given we are both into bikes and there was an upcoming festival we both attend each year, Gears and Beers we decided to work on something suited specifically for that.”

Don’t miss your chance to taste this once in a lifetime beer!

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