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CAN 330ml x24 Epic Imp

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4.5% Session IPA. Why call it IMP? When Armageddon was released in 2009 the label made reference to an “impish brewer”. The term was coined by beer writer Neil Miller (who helped write the label). It was used in context of “small and mischievous”. When making a beer below 5% abv, we had trouble thinking of an Epic name. “IMP” captures the “small” (low alcohol) and the “mischievous” (high level of hops). The label has a number of hidden “IMP’s” on it.

I.M.P has been referred to a made up beer style as “Imperial Miniature Pale”

HOPS: Columbus, Simcoe, Centennial, Mosaic

Tasting notes: significant citrus & piney aroma, light body with hints of sweet malt, and citrus hops, and a firm bitter finish.

330ml loose cans and 50L kegs Can: 9421905018319 Case: 19421905018316

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CAN 330ml

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CAN 330ml x24


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