Epic Sparks Imperial Stout 50L Keg

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9% Imperial Stout. After a few years of no new stouts, of which we at Epic love, we thought that it was time to make a new Imperial Stout to go along with Beer Blanket. Not only a new one but the best one we could. It wasn’t hard to come to the decision to brew a beer with Adam Sparks, in our opinion Adam is one of the best stout brewers in New Zealand.

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Team Epic sat down with Adam, and we tasted as many of the local and imported stout as available in the NZ market. We wanted to see what we all liked, and where we saw an opportunity for a new beer. We found that we had very similar tastes, so it was easy to agree on what we liked.

We have come up with an exceptionally luxurious stout of noticeable power and elegance. It pours pure liquid black. The fullness of body is immensely satisfying. The deep rich roasty flavours are so well balance with the smooth creamy texture, you achieve a sense of absolute bliss. Could there possibly be anything better in the world we live in.  
Barcodes:  Bottle – 9421905018173  Case 19421905018170