Epic Wonder Jooze 330ml Can x24 Case

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6.2% Hazy IPA The aroma is massively passionfruit and pineapple, and it drinks like Tropical Just Juice. The appearance is, well HAZY.

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For those that like Hazy IPA’s, you are going to be in for a wonderful, juicy treat. The style was essentially started where a handful of US East Coast brewers were packaging their beer straight from the tank after it had been heavily dry hopped (the beer is low in bitterness. East Coast IPA’s generally run at half the IBU’s of an equivalent West Coast IPA. A 7% IPA would have 35 IBU’s East Coast vs 70 IBU’s West Coast.). So the beer straight from the tank is very hazy, with yeast and hop bits.

The initial hesitation for us to make a Hazy IPA was the issue of stability of the beer, with all the yeast and hop matter. Something brewers have spent generations on trying to remove and make the beer stable. We realise that now is the perfect time to release an amazing Hazy IPA. So many people want them, we are just a bit nervous we might not have made enough.

Epic have finally decided to make a Hazy IPA. Why has it taken so long? As with anything Epic does, much research, thought and contemplation goes into making a new style of beer. We don’t want to make it just because everyone else is jumping on the bandwagon. The research was extensive, with Luke visiting the US a couple of times, and visiting many breweries, tasting the beers and asking questions. There were several friends that visited the US and tracked down some of the highly revered Hazy IPA’s so that we could get a good idea of what makes a great Hazy IPA vs a good Hazy IPA.