Hallertau Funkonnay 2017 500ml Bottle x12 Case

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6.5% Chardonnay Barrel Aged Sour Beer. This beer spends a year in Chardonnay barrels partying with the nicest bugs we know.

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The sour side of life. Lean and fruity, peachy and very dry. Delicate, racy and moreish. You’ll know where we are coming from. Lambic or Sours are an archaic beer style with a wild and unconventional nature. Bored of hops? try a sour ale for a thrilling taste sensation.

Food match with Cray Fish, Ribs with BBQ sauce, Aged Brie.

IBU: 8
MALT: Gladfield NZ Ale Malt, Crystal, Munich
HOPS: 5+ Year Old Riwaka
OG: 1052
FG: 1002